ENTURA Kenya (formerly known as IRNet Coop Kenya Ltd.) was established in 2005 with the vision of providing international remittances. The company has its base in the SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperatives) sector which comprises its owners. ENTURA Kenya has been innovating new ways to assist Kenyan credit unions (SACCOs) in improving their member service all while maintaining outstanding prices. 
      ENTURA Kenya has identified many impediments within SACCOs that made them lag behind the banking sector in service delivery. One major obstacle was the lack of adequate Management Information Systems (MIS). Through a partnership with World Council of Credit Unions, ENTURA Kenya built a Data Service Centre for SACCOs hosting an Application Service Provider (ASP) which hosts state-of-the-art SACCO software. This new software allows cooperatives to manage their accounts more efficiently than ever before.

Following the enactment of the new SACCO law and the dynamics in the financial sector in Kenya, SACCOs have been forced to re-think their operations to remain competitive. In response to this need, ENTURA Kenya has put together a website that provides information to the cooperative sector that can enable it to build safe and sound financial institutions. Visit irnetkenya.com for more information. 

Solutions Currently Offered